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HBD---The Great Craftsman · Achieve the Dream Under the Trend


HBD---The Great Craftsman . Achieve the Dream Under the Trend

The great craftsman, achieve the dream under the trend.

Inherit the past and usher in the future, sailing ahead to achieve the ambition.

The HBD’s Spring Festival and Thanksgiving party held on the evening of Feb 3,2018.

2017, we are full of lofty sentiments.

2018, we are shouldering of important task.


Review the 2017


2017, launching the more superior 3rd generation of Metal 3D Printing equipment.

2017, step into the new office and new production base, towards the new level of development.

2017, set up Shanghai subsidiary for new business layout, achieve the strategic disposition together.

2017, HBD and Shanghai Fuxing achieve strategic cooperation and be the strong alliance.


In the past year, HBD grew rapidly and glory around, but still self-motivated forward. Let us embrace 2018 with a better posture, carry the unknown, with expectation!


HBD Chairman, Chongzhi Liang, Makes an address

HBD Director, Lixia Liang, Makes an address

HBD Executive GM, Jianye Liu, Makes an address

HBD Shanghai Company GM, Yi Mao, Makes an address


2018。The HBD Chairman, director and some of our important partners get together, bring the joyous and blessing for our party. Let’s toasting together to compose a better 2018 for HBD and ourselves!


Awarding Procedure

A company's long-term development was close connected to a batch of outstanding employees, therefore HBD especially commend for the outstanding individual and team in 2017, respectively presented awards for the Best New Intern, Best New Employee, the Outstanding Employee, the Outstanding Contribution Award and Outstanding Team, and wish all the colleagues can help each other and going forward!


Besides of the delicious wine, the HBD team also bring their wonderful programs for the party, the shows were vary from the chorus to the dance, from the lyrics to the two-man act, from the funny to humor, which let the audience laughing and applaud, the shutter sound and flashing from all directions were in an endless stream.


Lucky Draw Procedure

The most exciting moment is our lucky draw link, the prepared gifts and bonuses are also very attractive, especially to thank the big prizes of our directors, partners, distinguished guests and the leaders, to put the whole atmosphere of the party into the new stage again, the win rate is ultra-high!!!


2018 Outlook for 2018

New era, new journey; New Year, new hope! 2018 is the first year of the HBD group's new layout; It is the year of the market performance doubling, it is the year of overseas business development and advance bravely, it is the year of production expansion, quality and process improvement, It is the year of technical R&D to promote the comprehensive innovation of our business; It is the year of product focus, resource optimization and brand image construction.

The heart is in oneness, the life is full of flowers! We firmly believe that only stick to the original intention which will lead you to the bright end. HBD continues to carry forward the spirit of "big craftsman", focus on the goal, insist on the pursue, commit to promote the development of metal 3D printing, and strive to become a respected company of digital intellectual technology.

We will do better in 2018!