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New Manufacturing Method for Complex Structural Medical Tools - Metal 3D Printing.


New Manufacturing Method for Complex Structural Medical Tools - Metal 3D Printing.


Successful Manufacturing of New Complex Structures


Recently, Guangdong Hanbang 3D Tech Co., Ltd.(HBD) and Guangdong Industry University jointly create a new complex structure of the acetabulum file for removal of the acetabulum articular cartilage in a hip replacement surgery by using of metal 3D printing technology. It is the first time in China to manufacture metal medical surgical tools by using metal 3D printing technology, and it is also the first case in the whole cutting tool manufacturing.


HBD-280 Metal 3D Printer


The HBD-280 Metal 3D Printer which independently developed by HBD was used in this study. Firstly, using Pro/E to build the 3D model, then add the support and planning scanning path for the model, finally trigger the metal 3D printing. The printing material is stainless steel, printing five different kinds of cutting tools at one time, the thickness of the printing layer is 30 microns, the total layer is 1280, and the total printing time is 22 hours. The precision error of the printing tool is within 0.05mm, and the quality and strength meet the expected requirement.


3D Printing Process for Acetabular Bone


Final Forming Part Display


The study confirmed that the 3D printing technology can break through the limitations of traditional machining, rapid manufacturing a whole complex cutting tool, shorten the development cycle of the new cutting tool, and provides a new method and new way for new complex cutting tool design and manufacture, It also laid a solid foundation for the manufacture of various new metal tools.

Hanbang, cooperate with Guangdong Industry University, Orthopedic Surgical Instruments and Dental Equipment Manufacturing Joint Engineering Laboratory of National Healthcare Appliance Engineering R&D Center, as well as the Guangdong Colleges and Universities Modern Processing Technology and Design Laboratory, set-up the Additive Manufacturing Research Institution for medical devices and mechanical processing complex cutting tool, trying to develop a variety of special surgery tools and cutting tools, service for medical and machinery manufacturing.