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Realize light weight, aerospace integrated parts rapid manufacturing.

Industry Introduction

Each kilogram reduce of spacecraft can lower the launch costs 20,000 US dollars, lightweight design for each gram is significant. The traditional structure design is limited by the processing ability of the traditional processing technology and can only be designed by experience and accumulation, which usual have the problems such as uneven force distribution and uneven material distribution. Based on the metal 3D printing technology and the optimized structure of topological optimization design, on the basis of satisfying the function and rigidity, the strength is enhanced, the local stress is reduced, the weight loss is very obvious, the loaded is more uniform, and the material is evenly and rationally distributed. The 3D printing technology can process any complicated structure, the manufacturing cost is independent for the structure complexity, breaking the shackles of the traditional processing technology, provides a more flexible degree of freedom for structural optimization design, especially for topology optimization design of complex geometric processing components.